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Pillar Consulting Group offers comprehensive commercial building engineering to clients in Portland, Oregon.

Pillar Consulting Group structural engineers have expertise in all common structural systems and materials.  This includes steel, concrete, wood, masonry and light-gage framing.  We have provided construction friendly structural design for hundreds of buildings and non-building structures.  Our engineers look to provide cost-effective structural solutions for both new and existing buildings.  Structures range from tilt-up, to pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB), to wood residential, to industrial equipment foundations, platforms and catwalks.  We are well versed in building code requirements applicable to new and existing buildings, structural repair, additions and alterations.

Our team is located in Corvallis, Oregon and Condon, Oregon.
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Recent Projects

Equipment Foundations

Heavy equipment often requires designed foundations in order to prevent settlement issues, overturning and excessive vibrations.  Our office has designed foundations for buildings and equipment using multiple techniques including spread footings, mat slabs, drilled piers, driven piles, rock anchors and helical piers.

Industrial Bridge

Our office has designed a number of bridges carrying vehicles, pipes and pedestrians from point A to point B.  This 81’ bridge was designed to allow for offsite fabrication and easy installation.

Industrial Conveyor

Our office did an extensive survey of the existing building, existing equipment and other existing infrastructure such as piping, conduit and ducting.  We then coordinated the team which consisted of the owner, robot designer, conveyor designer, electrical engineer and HVAC engineer to come up with a layout that worked for all parties.  After finding a layout, we went to work on structural engineering using moment frames in an open frame structure to support the moving conveyor loads.

WasteQuip Crane Retrofit

In order to allow for new loads imposed by cranes, the existing pre-engineered metal building needed to be analyzed and retrofitted.  Our office worked with the plant to come up with options that were economical and that worked with their internal work flow.

Metals Casting Facility

Pillar Consulting Group was the Engineer-of-Record for the expansion of an investment casting facility.  Structural engineering on the PEMB portion of the job included foundations and anchorage, but the total structural engineering job extended to many ancillary buildings, structures, bridges and equipment foundations.