Our licensed engineers have the expertise to provide investigation, technical evaluation and the application of engineering principals to determine the cause and remedies for failures and accidents.

With years of education and experience in the civil and structural engineering disciplines, our engineers have the background needed to provide forensic engineering services to owners, attorneys and insurers.  We pride ourselves in our communication skills, problem solving skills and strong ethics.

Forensic Engineering Services

  • Building codes and standards analysis
  • ADA (Accessibility) analysis
  • OH&S regulation analysis
  • Laboratory and Field Testing
  • Building and Site investigations
  • Engineering assessment
  • Failure analysis
  • Determine extent of damage
  • Schematic remediation designs for construction cost estimates
  • Final remediation designs for bidding, permitting and construction


Concrete Failure

Pillar Consulting Group has investigated concrete failures within both the commercial and industrial environment.  We have the tools and knowledge to do a thorough investigation to determine root causes of failures.

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Structure Fire

Determining structural capacity and extent of structural damage after a fire is critical to both safety and re-occupancy of buildings.  Our engineers have the experience in investigation and analysis to make quick and thorough determinations.

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Building Façade Failure

After a frieze block weighing around 125# fell from a height of about 40’ above the sidewalk, our office was brought in to determine the cause of the failure and to inspect the remainder of the façade for potential future failures.

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Industrial Roof Failure

Extensive roof damage was discovered within an industrial plant’s warehouse building.  Our office was brought in to determine the extent of damage, cause of the damage and to provide repair solutions.  After a thorough investigation, our engineers identified the extent of the damage and determined the cause to be overloading of the roof due to rain ponding.

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Structural Collapse

Our office is capable of the investigation and analysis required to determine the cause of damage, the extent of damage and to determine building code requirements for the repair or replacement of damaged members.

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