We’ve been providing civil and structural engineering services to the industrial market since 1997, and we understand and appreciate the unique needs of industry when it comes to working with engineering consultants.

We know that finding an engineering consultant that is familiar and comfortable with the industrial plant environment can be a challenge.  The type of work and expertise required are often much different than those commonly found on commercial buildings or retail site development projects.  At Pillar Consulting Group, these types of projects are nothing new to our engineers and designers.  We’ve worked on hundreds of industrial projects in many different types of facilities and plants.  We understand that a multi-disciplinary, more comprehensive approach is required when developing civil and structural project solutions in such challenging environments, and that operating in insolated “silos of responsibility” is often the wrong approach.  Our structural engineers won’t give you a blank stare when it comes to things such as confined space entry, deflagration control, H-occupancies and fall protection.  Our civil engineers are sensitive to impacts to your 1200Z operating permit; your needs for operationally efficient and cost effective secondary containment and limitations on pavement slopes and joints for forklift operation, as examples.  Pillar Consulting Group specializes in providing expert industrial and plant facility consulting engineering services.

Industrial Services

We have worked with large corporations, such as Teledyne, Ladish, Allegany, Georgia-Pacific, Fort James, Pope and Talbot, and Weyerhaeuser as well as small and medium sized industrial and manufacturing firms. Our facilities services include the design and analysis of:

  • Buildings & warehouses
  • Shipping and receiving facilities
  • Fire & life safety systems
  • Equipment configuration & layout
  • Explosion and blast-resistant barriers
  • Deflagration control
  • Process platforms & towers
  • Cranes & material handlers
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Deep excavations & pits
  • Machine foundations
  • Hazardous materials storage
  • Flammable liquid use
  • Secondary containment systems
  • High-piled combustible storage
  • Process piping


Septic Classified Areas

Hazardous or H-Occupancies are a specialty of Pillar Consulting Group which our clients call upon frequently.  When a large industrial septic system expansion ran into the issue of classified electrical requirements, Pillar Consulting Group was called in to help assist the plant in properly identifying and addressing this hazard.  Our clean, concise drawings were pivotal in the project receiving approval by state inspectors and proceeding smoothly during construction.

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Metals Casting Facility

Pillar Consulting Group has been working on foundries and metal processing facilities since 1998.  We were responsible for the site development and structural engineering for this 26,000 square foot facility expansion which houses a vacuum arc melting furnace, industrial ovens, boilers, autoclaves and other specialized equipment.

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Argon Tank Facility

We have experience designing the civil and structural infrastructure required to support bulk gas facilities, such as this argon tank and vaporizer installation.  We understand the unique code and design requirements associated with cryogenic, flammable and oxidizing bulk gas installations and can provide foundations, anchorage and site access design expertise to augment in-house plant engineering capabilities.

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Evaporator Shutdown

Pillar Consulting Group provided project management services both prior to and during a plant wide shutdown for evaporator work at a paper mill.  We are capable of proving end-to-end service on shutdown work, and enjoy seeing such projects through by acting as the mill’s on-site project manager.

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Conveyor Support Structure

Chain conveyors are critical to many industrial processes, and Pillar Consulting Group has provided expertise and structural engineering design of their support structures.  Pillar Consulting Group worked closely with process engineers, robot programmers and the conveyor designer on this project to design and assist in the installation of a multi-tier, chain conveyor support structure deep within an existing manufacturing building.

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Bleach Vat Replacement

We have experience working on highly specialized industrial process structures, such as pulp mill bleach vats to provide cost effective repair designs and project management.  This project involved the removal and replacement of a suspended concrete vat on the fourth floor of a pulp mill during a plant-wide shutdown, working around the clock.

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Industrial Blast Walls

Blast walls require specialized design that typical structural engineering firms may not be familiar with.  Pillar Consulting Group has designed multiple protective structures around industrial processes for explosion and deflagration hazards, including blast doors reaching sizes as large as 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall.

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Tank As Builts

Pillar Consulting Group was retained to determine and create a 3D model of the internal configuration of an existing industrial tank.  Our familiarity with issues specific to industrial environments, such as confined space entry, hot work permits and lock out, tag-out make our engineers specifically suited to tackle such specialized work.

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